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Update: 18th July Polls are now closed and the brackets updated. New Polls will be posted on Monday.
Update: 20:50 Here is Locke4God's great Stats update.

Congratulations to both Cabin Fever and Exodus for progressing fairly easily into Round 3 of the Episode Cup.

Exodus 1696 84% (87.1%)
Whatever Happened, Happened 327 16% (9.4%)

Cabin Fever 1340 66% (76.2%)
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues 688 34% (13.3%)

There is sill a 3 way tie for top spot and it's still anyone's game. How is your bracket fairing? How are your picks looking after today's polls. View Latest Brackets.

Later on Today our stats guru Locke4God will be presenting us with his stats analysis of the brackets and what it means for your chances of winning. We will update this post so keep checking back.

As always let us know in the comments who you voted for and why. You can also follow along in the Official Episode Cup Thread.

Jack, Kate and Charlie return to the group, but the transceiver is broken. Sayid Jarrah fixes the apparatus and organizes an expedition with Kate, Charlie, Shannon Rutherford and her brother Boone Carlyle and the dangerous James "Sawyer" Ford to hike and climb a mountain to transmit a SOS. The group receives a sixteen years old distress call from a French woman in the island instead and kills a polar bear. They return to the survivor's base and decide to hide the information to preserve the hope of the group.

This Place is Death
In order to avoid being killed, Ben promises to offer proof to Sun that Jin is still alive. On the island, Jin meets up with the survivors as Locke reaches The Orchid and fulfills his mission.

Flashes Before Your Eyes
After Desmond saves Claire from drowning, Charlie and Hurley suspect that he can see the future. So they try to get him drunk to get some answers out of him.

Follow the Leader
Jack attempts to follow through with Daniel Faraday's plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb after Faraday is killed, Locke instructs Alpert to take him to Jacob, and Sawyer is interrogated about an incriminating surveillance video.

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