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Update: 30th June Final chance to get your picks in, over 230 of you still have not completed your picks. Make sure you're not one of them and be disappointed when the Cup starts tomorrow.
Update: 29th June Just over 24 hrs left to get your picks in! Episode Cup starts on Wednesday 1st July!
Update: 22nd June Only 9 days left to get your picks in. Make sure you have fully completed your picks.
Update: 19th June 1050+ Signups but only 856 have completed your picks. Make sure you have fully completed your picks. You should have a "1" in the the rank column next to your name here. If you have a "0" then it means you're not fully entered.
Update: 8th June 930+ Signups
Update: 5th June 830+ Signups
Update: 3rd June 670+ Signups
Update: 2nd June 500+ Signups
Update: 21:00 340+ Signups!
Update: 13:00 Already had 75 signups in the first 2 hrs!

As you know we always try to provide some fun activities during the long Hiatus and this year we will be running the popular Episode Cup again. So make sure you sign up (free) and get your picks in. You'll have until 1st July to make your Picks. You can also Create/Join "Mini-Leagues" so that you can compete not only against all Lost fans but also against your friends and other Sites/Forum friends.

Let us know in the comments who think will make it to the semi-finals and final and who are your dark horses? Which are the tough Round matchups?

Greetings Lost fans!

Like last year we're going to use a "March Madness"-style bracket contest! For those of you who don't know what March Madness is, it's a 64 team single elimination tournament featuring the best college basketball teams in the United States. One of the main reasons that March Madness is so revered is because, from the Sunday when the matchups are announced to the Thursday when the games actually start, people go crazy predicting how the tournament is going to transpire through an activity often referred to as "filling out a bracket".

The site we'll be using to fill out our Lost brackets is http://www.dawgsled.com/darkufo, a “home-grown” site that has been used to track March Madness contests for the past few years. We’ve re-wired the site for use in the Lost universe, and we’ve already drawn a (mostly) random bracket of the top 64 episodes in the series.

Your job will be to go to this site and predict the entire tournament--from the first match through the championship final. You'll have until 1st July to get this done. On July 1st, the bracket will "lock", the site will switch over to "scoring and tracking" mode, and the actual matches will begin on DarkUFO's site in exactly the same manner as last year, except that there won't be a "re-draw" after every round.

After every match, the scoreboard on the bracket site will be updated. For every matchup that you correctly forecast the winner for, you'll be awarded points. Throughout the tournament, you'll be able to see where you stand against everyone else in the entire world.

Remember: When you’re filling out your bracket, choose the winning episode based on who you THINK will win, which will sometimes be different than the episode that you WANT to win. For the Final you also need to enter in the % amount that each episode will get in case of a tie.

Winning bracket gets a Season 5 Lost DVD set!

Website URL: http://www.dawgsled.com/darkufo

If you have any problems leave a message here or email lost@dawgsled.com (Do NOT email Dark!)

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