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LOST Numbers Game Season 6 Competition

Well here we are again. Season 5 is over and we have a long wait until Season 6. With filming starting soon and in the effort to avoid spoilers, sign ups for the LNG are earlier than last year.

There are a number of changes this year including, different categories, new characters, and a new point scheme.

This year I have made it even tougher for spoilers to even effect any sort of results and meaning a tougher competition!! Once any major spoilers are released that could effect the LNG sign ups will be stopped. So sign up ASAP.

You can also chat about the LOST Numbers Game on the Spoiler TV Forum by clicking HERE!

Below you can find information about all of the changes, the rules, how to contact me and of course the sign up form.

Please note it is only one entry per person and the winner at the end of Season 6 will receive a LOST related prize (last season it was Amazon vouchers won by Eminga).

LNG Season 6 Entry Form

Changes to Season 6 LNG

How To Play

Rules and Guidelines

Contact Me

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