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One of the things that I'm most emailed about the site is how to be kept up to date on new posts/comments etc. Here is a section from the Help Section that provides a nice quick access to all the main Feeds and Email Subscriptions.

The best RSS Feedreader and one I use is Google Reader.(Note: I have over 1000 sites on my RSS Reader and I very rarely actually visit any websites directly anymore)

Note: In the right hand side bar there is a Subscribe button that also allows you to quickly subscribe to a particular section or you can use one of the links below.

If you voted "What's a Feedreader" here is a video that explains it very nicely

Subscribing to content

The site is split into several areas which can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate tabs across the top of the screen. To be kept informed of any new information for a particular section we have provided a RSS feed to deliver new info to you directly.

You can also be alerted when new comments appear on certain posts. When you are on an individual post there is an icon at the bottom of the post called Subscribe. Whenever a comment is added this will be sent through to your newsreader.

Each post that gets written on the site generates a lot of comments and interesting insights from around the world. If you don't read the comments you could be missing out on a lot of very interesting information.

Also when you leave a comment on a post you can request to be kept informed via email of any follow-up comments. If you use the pop-up comments window you will see the following at the end of the form.

If you use the inline comments, you will see a "Subscribe by email" link below the comments box.

Section Post Feed Comments Feed Email Subscription
Lost Answers
Lost Audio
Lost Books
Lost Connections
Lost Continuity
Lost DVD
Lost Episode Guide
Lost Forum
Lost Media Mentions
Lost Merchandise
Lost Mysteries
Lost Polls
Lost Rumours
Lost Screencaps
Lost Spoilers
Lost Theories
Lost Whispers

We also added a couple of new feeds for last season.

If there are any feeds that you would like me to add please let me know in the comments below or via email.

Lost Trailers and Sneak Peeks (Spoilers) - RSS feed
Lost Episode Guide (Spoilers) - RSS feed

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