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The Winners
Hey Everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying the hiatus. I have left this a few weeks to first of all check all results are correct (dont want any mistakes) and secondly just to help pass the time during this loooooong hiatus. I will be posting the Season 6 games soon but I'll get on to the stuff that you want to read about

I will contact all of the winners via e-mail this week

Finale Competition
The week leading up to the finale i had a special prize game of the LNG for the finale. The lucky winner was opiemills, so congratulations to them. They will be recieving a dharma t-shirt from Game 7 apparel.

Finale Competition League Table

LNG Season Game - Final Results

It has been a long season and lead by one man and one man alone throughout and I dont think anyone can argue that this guy does not deserve top spot for holding 1st place for over 10 weeks. A big congratulations goes to eminga who wins the Amazon vouchers.

Season 6 Game
I will be putting together the season 6 game very shortly and posting that on here within the next few weeks before any major news can be released about the new season. If you have any ideas or comments about the new season game please leave a comment, visit the forum here or contact me via twitter or E-mail below.

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