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Update: 14:00 Thanks to G-Man for spotting an error in that Vincent was seen only 2 times and not 3. I've updated the graphic but not the Full Tables yet.

Here are the final tentative results from this years Season 5 Predication awards. Below you can see the full table and at the end you can see all the final totals from the questions that were remaining. Thanks to all the 3100+ people who entered this year. We hope to run another one for Season 6.

View Table Online
Download Full Table

NOTE: I will hold off sending out prizes for a period of 1 week in case there are any disputes in the scoring. If you find an error please let me know. In week I will contact the winners to arrange their prizes.

The Prizes this year are as follows.

1st Place - Season 5 DVD and Season 5 Soundtrack
2nd Place - Season 5 DVD
3rd Place - Season 5 Soundtrack

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