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Last night when my head hit the pillow I realized something: The best season of LOST had just ended with the best episode ever. My opinion of course, but it was also my pillow. Way too many things to talk about, so no clever intro. Things I Noticed:

What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue? Red Snapper

Nothing could be cooler than opening the finale with this amazing scene. Delivering Jacob two minutes into the finale was awesome writing... waiting until the end to reveal him would've definitely been too little too late. In what's possibly the most pivotal scene in all of LOST, Jacob and the stranger in the dark shirt reveal an ageless battle between light and dark, fate and free will, maybe even between good and evil itself. All this while the Black Rock sails along in the distance, within the shadow of what now looks to be Anubis, jackal-god of death.

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