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If you were like me, then you had the awesome Rebel trench base with the big rotating gun, collapsing bridge, and the pop-off Probot from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. What's this got to do with LOST? Not much. But I loved that little freakin' base. And I can't find fault in any episode of LOST that makes reference to Hoth. Things I Noticed:

Yeah, Sure... I'll Go
If you ask Neo, he'll tell you that the white rabbit always holds the key . Young Miles knows this through the use of his gift, channeling Haley Joel Osment to see things a 7-yr old kid would rather not see. And as the dead man from apartment 4's voice still echoes in Miles' head, Lara starts to realize that her son might've brought back a little tropical strangeness with him when they were exiled, Widmore-style, from spook island.

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