DarkUFO - Lost

What an episode! It boggles my mind how far we've come this season, Lost fans. It feels like it was so long ago that the Oceanic 6 were assembled to find a way home, but it was only a few months ago. With a few episodes left this season, I can only wonder where we're going to end up!

"Whatever Happened, Happened" turned out to be the second-highest scoring episode this season, trailing only the Sawyer-tastic "Lafleur" in overall points ownage. But, did this veritable smorgasbord of points help your Fantasy Team? We've had some moving and shaking in the standings, so be sure to check out and see if you reaped some of the very juicy benefits this episode had to offer.

If you've got any questions, consult the League rule book at the bottom of this post. If you can't find an answer to your questions there, shoot me an email at LFLquestions@gmail.com. I will do my best to get back to you as promptly as possible. Guess what? I'm still working on that backlog of emails, so I need to ask for your patience once more. :-) I'll get through it all soon enough.

Once again, here is the official LFL rule book. Happy reading!

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