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Thanks to Eric for the heads up on the following Season 5 info and S1 and S2 Blu-Ray Releases

Season 5 DVD Amazon Page
Season 5 Blu-Ray Amazon Page
Season 1 Blu-Ray Amazon Page
Season 2 Blu-Ray Amazon Page

The Complete 5th Season, on DVD and Blu-ray, courtesy of Amazon.com! The day that the fifth season premiered on ABC this past January, we reported that Amazon.com had just begun taking pre-orders for the eventual releases of this title on both DVDs and high-definition Blu-ray Discs. The release date wasn't given at the time; you could only lock in a pre-order. Since then, Amazon has actually stopped taking pre-orders (don't worry; it's just temporary, and if you placed an order it's still on the records, as long as you keep re-affirming once a month that you still want the title).

Over the weekend, Amazon updated both the DVD and Blu-ray listings to show that December 8th will be the release date for Lost - The Complete 5th Season. Hovering on the above Amazon links, if you have the right utilities installed in your browser, the resulting pop-up shows that list prices are still officially listed as $59.99 SRP for the DVD, and $96.99 SRP on the Blu-ray Disc, even though they are not visible in the actual listings on the site. The disc count on the DVD listing has the default number of "1" (yeah, we don't believe that), but the Blu listing at Amazon says to expect a 5-disc set. No other info is shown yet, and the only artwork there is a temp graphic taken from one of ABC's promo campaigns. Stay tuned, however, and we'll bring you updates as we find them!

In the meantime, Blu-ray owners (and wanna-bes) shouldn't forget that June 16th sees the long-awaited high-def BD versions of Lost - The Complete 1st Season and Lost - The Complete 2nd Season: The Extended Experience. We've confirmed with the studio that there will be no new bonus material on the Blu-ray Disc versions; only an upgrade to gorgeous 1080p "full HD" video and Uncompressed English 5.1 audio on the episodes for these seasons. That's worth the price of admission right there, though, if you ask me...and Disney's trying to price these accordingly: you can pre-order from Amazon for under fifty dollars each, at least as of this writing. Here once more is the package art for those two:

Source: TVShowsOnDVD

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