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The Big LNG Update
Sorry for the very late results (i know i'm terrible for keeping up to date). Below is the results from the last 2 episodes of LOST. We now only have 4 episodes left!!! Meaning every point counts. You can find the usual points break down below and the up to date league table.

LNG Return for Season 6
I am seriously considering running the LNG game again next season, under the idea that it will be less work now that i have everything in place from this season. How would you all feel about another LNG? Do you have any suggestions, what would you like to see change (points scheme, what points are awarded for?) Let me know at the STV Forums - LINK HERE.

Weekly Game
- Finale Return
The weekly game will return for the finale in a few weeks, but the entry form will be released two weeks BEFORE the finale so that spoilers will not help out the spoiler peeps (not that i think they will). I can't promise anything but i will also try and sort some sort of prize with it again.

Below you can find the answers and results for episode 12 and 13.

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