DarkUFO - Lost

Hey All,
Once again thanks to all of you for being so patient for the podcast this week, but with the break we were able to work all of our schedules out to have DarkUFO join us once again this week!!

As always my podcast partner Karen and LOST recapper Vozzzek69 were both apart of the recap with their thoughts and theories. All four of us are big Star Wars geeks so we had a great time chatting about this episode in particular.

We cover all of the key scenes, with Hurley and Miles interaction, learning about Miles' ability, Pierre Chang being Miles dad, and much more!!

The podcast is available on iTunes, but if you can not access it there, below is a link to an audio player with a download link.

Hope you all enjoy!!

NOTE: This is indeed Part 1, but Part 2 is the Preview for Episode 5x14 and spoilers that will be posted in a few days once we have some more spoilers squared away.


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