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Happy LOST Day
Sorry the LNG has been missing the past few days but i have been snowed under with Work/ Life (thanks for the emails asking if i was still alive :) ).But i couldnt think of a better day for the LNG to return than on the return of LOST.

LNG Weekly Game Prize Result
For the first time this season we had a prize for the weekly game for episode 08. The people at LostTees have kindly offered to give the winner one of their cool and original LOST T-shirts and i can now announce the winner!!

21 people topped our table for episode 8, so congratulations to : atomic, CJ108, CuInAnotherLifeBrother, Delilah, eminga, frekkells, gjalil21, golfluvr13, HalfAcid, jmart, jrdpeeler, kidblink, Look North, lostisfuntowatch, MF815, mtr, PenguinJosh, Rojd, thegenosoa
TomG3586 and Tumnus

However there can only be one winner and the name that my spreadsheet randomly selected was: TomG3586. So congratulations to Tom for being the first prize winner of the LNG and has 7 days to reply to my email before the prize is given to someone else.

Thank you to LostTees for kindly donating the prize (please check out their cool site) and for everyone that joined the game. And watch out for future prize games!!

Weekly and Season Results
This Sunday will be a double dose of Results from the previous episode and from the episode airing tonight. Again i apologise it is so late but i will have some very interesting statistics (including how it could have went if the episodes had not been swapped!!)

Enjoy the new episode of LOST and below is the entry form for next weeks episode.

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