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It's March Madness time

Update: Matt the site owner has kindly offered a $100 if my picks this year beat him. The $100 will be donated to a charity of my choice. Seeing as I have no idea about basketball I'm going to need a little luck :)

It's March Madness time!

For all you fans of college basketball out there, we've created a free March Madness bracket pool for DarkUFO users. The pool is being run at http://www.dawgsled.com/marchmadness. For many of you, this site will look familiar. That's because this is the same site that we used to run the Episode Cup and Character Cup during the long hiatus last year. It's now been re-configured back to its original intended purpose: March Madness brackets!

Here's how to do it:
1) Point your browser at http://www.dawgsled.com/marchmadness and create an account. It's completely free.
2) Log in and join the 2009 Men's College Basketball contest
3) Once you've joined the contest, click the "Join a Pool" link (left-hand column under "Action Links")
4) Search for and join the Pool "darkufo.blogspot.com"
5) Fill out a bracket!

Once the Lost season is over, this site will transform back into the platform for the 2009 Episode Cup and Character Cup!



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