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Saturday 24th January
3:00pm - Lost: Destiny Calls (new recap)
Bringing viewers up to date with the explosive events of the acclaimed drama, this special delves into the questions that have already been answered and the sprawling mysteries that remain unsolved. A satisfying appetiser before the much-anticipated arrival of season five

Sunday 25th January
1:00pm - There's No Place Like Home Part 1
2:00pm - There's No Place Like Home Part 2
3:00pm - There's No Place Like Home Part 3
4:00pm - Lost: Destiny Calls (repeat)
8:30pm - Lost...On Location: Lost aficionado Iain Lee jets off to Hawaii and gains exclusive access to the cast and crew. Possessing the gift of the gab, can he win a walk-on part on his favourite show?
9:00pm - Episodes 1 & 2 (Multistart)
10:50pm - Season 5 Revealed
Lost is shrouded in so much secrecy it puts the CIA to shame. But can comedian Iain Lee tease out any tasty titbits from the notoriously tight-lipped cast and crew?

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