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Here we are once again Lost fans! We're just five days away from Lost's triumphant return! Are you getting excited yet? Of course you are. If you're like me you're already twitching with anticipation and shaking with glee. But be strong! We don't want any of you to snap before the big day arives. ;-)

Today we're examining the other group of dead characters. If my character ratings yessterday had you feeling down, perhaps thoday will cheer you up! Or not. I wasn't overly positive with this group either. I can tell you though that tomorrow's character group shakedown will have plenty of people talking. Until then, enjoy "I See Dead People" Group #1.

REMINDER: Do not post spoilers in the comments section. I have gone 90% spoiler-free during the hiatus and will not reveal anything that I know, so please do not let anything that you know slip. Let’s respect the fans that have gone 100% spoiler-free.

Hey, guess what!? Here's the rule book again. You know, just in case. :-p

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