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Hey CJ Sonic here again. i hope everyone enjoyed the first two episodes of LOST. I know i did. Apologies to everyone for the very short VideoCast and taking a while to respond to emails. A member of my family died this week so i haven't had much time to get through everything. A BIG THANK YOU to all the forum staff for helping out this week and future weeks.

Here is the spreadsheet with everyone's original answers
LOST Number Game Enteries - Google Spreadsheet

Now down to business, how do you think you did? Are you top? Did you get points? Well find out below. I have broke it down into 3 Sections Episode 1 Results, Episode 2 Results and the League Table. As mentioned in the video I am doing a weekly competition for the fun of it, find the form for episode 3 below.If you need to contact me you can find me at: cjsonic.lng@googlemail.com

Well Done to everyone so far and expect a videocast and stats break down every Sunday (apologies once again for the short one this week)

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