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Update: 18th Dec We've just opened up registrations. Please read the instructions carefully here.

Update: 20:30 Just to let you know that we will continue to post all the info/spoilers that we can here on the site, this is for information (not necessarily just spoilers) that for one reason or another can not be posted.

In the next few days we will be launching a special section of the Forum which will contain exclusive special content that we are unable to post publicly on the site. Access to this section will be restricted to those who meet the following requirements.

1) Have been a member of the Forums at least 1 month
2) Have at least 20 posts on the forum
3) Have uploaded an avatar to your account

If you don't currently meet those requirements I would strongly suggest that you sign up ASAP in order for that 1 month waiting to pass quickly and starting making some posts.

People who do meet the requirements will be able to request access in the next couple of days when we make a form available for you to submit your access request.

NOTE: Content will be not only for Lost but for other TV Shows that we cover on SpoilerTV as well.

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