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Update: 13th Dec For those who want the HQ's this site still has them so get them before they get taken down.

Update: 21:10 Well that didn't last long. Sorry but we have had to remove the HQ versions, seems ABC does not like letting the fans have HQ versions. Not really sure why they bother creating HQ ones if no one ever gets to see them but hey ho.

Update: 21:00 Here are some more in HQ.

Jorge Garcia (Images removed due to ABC)
Henry Ian Cusick (Images removed due to ABC)
Jeremy Davies (Images removed due to ABC)

Update: 20:00 I've found some HQ versions online. I'll post more if I find them. Grab them quick before they get taken down.

Evangeline Lilly (Images removed due to ABC)
Elizabeth Mitchell (Images removed due to ABC)

ABC have just released 100 new Season 5 Cast Promotional Photos. I don't believe these are available anywhere else but here so enjoy them while you can (If you know what I mean ;) )

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