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Congratulations to Jack. He pulled off a convincing win and found his way to Round 4.

Jack: 76% (selected to win Round 3 on 71% of all brackets)
Christian: 24% (selected to win Round 3 on 8.9% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated and we've still got three bracketeers clinging to first place. When will the next one fall?

Today's matchup sees another two characters with connections facing off against each other. We've got a former torturer and the woman who would eventually torture him. Will it be the Lostie and member of the Oceanic 6 or the recently deceased freaked-out French chick?

Sayid Jarrah
A survivor of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Sayid has employed a number of skills from his military training to help the Losties. A former Iraqi Republican Guard communications officer and torturer, Sayid has acted as both a leader and a follower, going on many different missions and journeys while on the Island. He was one of six Losties to escape the Island. He was reunited with his long-lost love Nadia, but became an assassin for Ben after she was murdered in LA. Sayid was last seen breaking Hurley out of the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.

Danielle Rousseau
Part of a French scientific expedition that ran aground on the Island, Rousseau’s past is still shrouded in mystery. Shortly after reaching the Island, her crew mates got “sick” and she killed them. Rousseau went to the radio tower and altered the transmission and a few months later was attacked by the Others after giving birth to her daughter Alex. From that point on she was a loner, surviving anyway she knew how in the jungle. Years later she would meet the Losties and help them from time to time. Rousseau was shot and killed in an ambush by Keamy’s team when she, Alex and Karl were headed to the Temple.

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