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Congrats to Sayid. He bowled over Danielle to clinch a spot in the quarterfinals.

Sayid: 90% (selected to win Round 3 on 89.6% of all brackets)
Danielle: 10% (selected to win Round 3 on 3.7% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated and our top three are still hanging tough. Will we finally see one of them slip today?

Today's matchup pits someone who recently teamed up with the Others against someone who not to long ago defected from the Others. Will it be the wonder boy or the wonder doctor? Your votes will decide.

John Locke
After surviving the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Locke was miraculously able to walk again after being paralyzed for four years. Raised in foster care, Locke went from being an angry and determined teenager to being a meek and mild middle-aged loser. Always dreaming of being something he was not, Locke found his chance to be a hunter and a man of faith once reaching the Island. He encountered the Smoke Monster, manned the Swan hatch before losing faith. He was able to confront his jerk of a father on the Island, having Sawyer kill him. He joined the Others before the Island disappeared but was last seen dead in the future.

Juliet Burke
A gifted fertility doctor, Juliet was recruited by the Others in 2001 to help combat and solve the pregnancy crisis on the Island. Despite her best efforts, she could do nothing to correct the problem. She had an affair with Goodwin, drawing the ire of both Harper and Ben. She was used to gain Jack’s trust in an attempt to convince him to perform surgery on Ben. She eventually defected from the Others and joined the Losties. She was last seen on the beach with Sawyer just before the Island disappeared.

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