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Update: 19th Sept Due to the problems we had with the polls for the most part of yesterday. This match will be up for a while longer to allow everyone who could not vote yesterday to vote.

Congrats to John Locke. He was destined to roll past Juliet and on to the quarterfinals, which are almost here!

Locke: 78% (selected to win Round 3 on 93.4% of all brackets)
Juliet: 22% (selected to win Round 3 on 1.8% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated. No changes at the top of our leader board- our trio is still intact.

Today's matchup pits two seasons worth of Island mystery and mythological awesomeness against four seasons worth of rogue attitude and charm. It's Lostie vs. Other, creepy vs. sexy, Maybelline vs. Cool Water! Will the fanboys or the fangirls move their choice into the quarterfinals? Let's find out!

Richard Alpert
A mysterious and seemingly ageless stranger, Richard’s time on the Island predates even the DHARMA Initiative. As a member of the so-called “Hostiles”, he met a young Ben Linus, who would later help him exterminate DHARMA. Richard was also seen at the hospital were a premature John Locke was born and approached John as a child, testing him for special qualities. Richard appeared to be Ben’s right-hand man for a time and helped recruit Juliet Burke for fertility research. He was last seen welcoming Locke into the camp of the Others outside of the Orchid station before the Island disappeared.

James “Sawyer” Ford
A survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, James Ford spent most of his life tracking down the con man responsible for his parents’ deaths. He himself became a con man, going by the name Sawyer and once murdered a man in a case of mistaken identity. After crashing on the Island, Sawyer collected items strewn in the wreckage, setting up his own little bartering post. He has gone on many A-Team missions, been captured by the Others and escaped, served as temporary camp leader in Jack’s absence, and even found and killed the con man he had been looking for. Sawyer was last seen on the beach with Juliet before the Island disappeared.

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