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Congratulations to Kate and Eko. Kate breezed past Claire while the Eko proved that his Jesus stick is still potent from beyond the grave. They are the first contestants to make it into Round 3.

Kate: 70% (selected to win Round 2 on 85.8% of all brackets)
Claire: 30% (selected to win Round 2 on 11.6% of all brackets)

Eko: 54% (selected to win Round 2 on 33.8% of all brackets)
Sun: 46% (selected to win Round 2 on 33.2% of all brackets)

The brackets have been updated and we now have a mere 4 bracketeers clinging to perfection. How long will they be able to last? We've got a few pretty close matchups this round that could go a long way for spoiling any of them.

Today's matchups will hack down the number of perfect bracketeers even further. Our first bout features a woman who has been searching for the Island and a long-lost love for several years and a man who may have come to the Island with personal gain on his mind. Mathup #2 is between everyone's favorite poster child for guyliner and a man with a startling connection with Oceanic Flight 815.

Who will win and how many perfect brackets will be left? We'll find out in 24 hours...

Penelope “Penny” Widmore
Daughter of the wealthy and powerful businessman Charles Widmore, Penny is also Desmond Hume’s girlfriend. She first met him at a monastery and their relationship grew from there. While Desmond was practicing for a race around the world, Penny tracked him down. When he disappeared during the race, Penny used her money and resources to try and search for him, despite hearing nothing of his whereabouts for three years. When the Hatch imploded, Penny’s people tracked the magnetic signal. She was further assisted by Charlie communicating with her from the Looking Glass and Desmond’s phone call from the freighter. She was last seen helping the Oceanic 6 with their alibi story, setting them off in a lifeboat.

Miles Straume
A relative newcomer, Miles is part of the crew of the freighter. Before coming to the Island, he seems to have used his supernatural gift for personal gain. He appears able to communicate with or at least hear the dead. It is unknown why exactly he was chosen to come to the Island, but he was sent on an early extraction mission to bring Ben Linus back to the freighter. The mission ultimately failed and he has since joined the Losties. He decided to stay on the Island when Daniel was taking people to the freighter and was last seen at the beach when the Island disappeared.

Richard Alpert
A mysterious and seemingly ageless stranger, Richard’s time on the Island predates even the DHARMA Initiative. As a member of the so-called “Hostiles”, he met a young Ben Linus, who would later help him exterminate DHARMA. Richard was also seen at the hospital were a premature John Locke was born and approached John as a child, testing him for special qualities. Richard appeared to be Ben’s right-hand man for a time and helped recruit Juliet Burke for fertility research. He was last seen welcoming Locke into the camp of the Others outside of the Orchid station before the Island disappeared.

Frank Lapidus
A former pilot for Oceanic Airlines and a member of the freighter crew, Frank has a very unique connection to the Losties. Frank was supposed to pilot Flight 815 from Sidney to Los Angeles but was replaced for some unknown reason. When news about the “discovery” of 815 made headlines, Frank was able to tell immediately that the wreckage was fake. He was hired by Matthew Abaddon as a helicopter pilot aboard the freighter. He was part of a failed extraction mission designed to bring Benjamin Linus back to the freighter. Frank was last seen aboard Penny Widmore’s boat a week after the Island disappeared.

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