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Congratulations to Ben and Rousseau! They are the final two characters to make it to Round 2.

Ben: 93% (selected on 99.7% of all brackets)
Nikki: 7% (selected on 0.2% of all brackets)

Danielle: 62% (selected on 71.9% of all brackets)
Michael: 38% (selected on 28% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated. At the start of Round 2, the quest for the perfect bracket is still going strong, with 13 bracketeers having selected all 32 Round 1 matchups correct. There were only two upsets in Round 1 as far as the brackets are concerned. Round 2 will be a bit trickier to determine whether a victory is whether or not an upset.

Speaking of Round 2, it begins right now! We've got two tense battles for you to kick it off as well. Matchup #1 is all about Aaron. Both competitors have been seen taking care of the young lad. One is the biological mother, while the other is a surrogate off the Island. Matchup #2 pits the most popular Tailie against an original Lostie and member of the Oceanic 6. Only two of these four can make it past this point. Who will it be?

Kate Austen
A survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, Kate Austen was once on the run for murdering her biological father. She was pursued by a US Marshal who eventually caught her in Australia. Kate found her freedom and a new beginning when the plane they were taking back to the US crashed onto the Island. On the Island, Kate served a leadership role for the Losties. She was captured by the Others more than once and eventually escaped the Island as one of the Oceanic 6. Back home, Kate faced trial for her crimes and has taken on Aaron Littelton as her son. She was last seen telling Jack she would never go back to the Island.

Claire Littleton
Pregnant at the time of Oceanic Flight 815’s crash, Claire’s past is somewhat tragic. While fighting with her mother in the car, Claire accidentally crashed the vehicle, putting her mother in a coma. She was briefly reunited with her biological father, Christian Shephard, who merely wanted Claire to take her mother off life support. Then, when she became pregnant, her boyfriend ran out on her. Since the crash, Claire has been kidnapped by the Others, formed a relationship with Charlie and was injured during the raid on the Barracks. She was last seen mysteriously in Jacob’s cabin with her supposedly dead father.

Eko “Mr. Eko” Tunde
A survivor from the Tail section of Oceanic Flight 815, Mr. Eko rew up in Nigeria. Taken away at a young age by local criminals, Eko grew up to be a powerful warlord but pretended to be a priest when his brother was killed. After the crash of 815, Eko collected the dead bodies and buried them. He took a 40 day vow of silence and grew two tufts on his beard as penance for killing two Others who attacked the camp. After joining the Losties, Eko tried to take over for Locke at the hatch but failed. Eko was confronted and killed by the Smoke Monster after refusing to repent for his life’s sins.

Sun-Hwa Kwon
The daughter of a wealthy corporate executive, Sun survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Before coming to the Island, Sun was planning on leaving her husband Jin and fleeing to America to start a new life. After the crash, Sun helped Jin learn some English and she became pregnant with Jin’s child. This put her life in danger as pregnant women die on the Island, but Sun escaped as one of the Oceanic 6, but without her husband. She has since taken over her father’s company and was last seen discussing the Island in London with Charles Widmore.

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