DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to Juliet and Sayid for winning their matchups yesterday. Just like the first time, Juliet and Sayid dispatched Pickett and Elsa with a ruthless efficiency.

Juliet: 96% (selected on 99.1% of all brackets)
Pickett: 4% (selected on 0.8% of all brackets)

Sayid: 96% (selected on 99.6% of all brackets)
Elsa: 4% (selected on 0.3% of all brackets)

That gives us four contestants in Round 2 and 1185 contestants still in the running for that perfect bracket. Who's going to join our four winners next? Today's matchups look like they won't be much closer than what we've seen already.

Today we see two bouts between Others and Losties. The two combatants in our first matchup were both imprisoned by their own people at one time or another. The second matchups pits a myterious right-hand man against a well-intentioned dentist. Cast your votes and sound off with any comments you have about today's matchups!

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