DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to Jin and Richard for making it into the next round. Bernard put up more fight than anyone else so far, but it couldn't even come close to making it a tight one.

Jin: 94% (selected on 98.4% of all brackets)
Karl: 6% (selected on 1.5% of all brackets)

Richard: 83% (selected on 97.1% of all brackets)
Bernard: 17% (selected on 2.8% of all brackets)

The brackets have been updated. Are you one of the 1141 still in the running for the perfect bracket? I know I am. Perhaps things haven't been close enough with the matchups yet for your liking? Do you crave a bracket-busting throw-down?

I wouldn't say today gives us our first neck and neck bout, but it will certainly go a long way in affecting the chase for the perfect bracket. Our first matchup sees a sister taking on a wife. Will Rose fair better than her husband, or will Shannon be the end of her? Our second matchup is a battle between two dead Others. Will the good (Alex) conquer the bad (Bea)? Your votes will do the talking (and you can also do some talking in the comment section)!

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