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Here is the latest state of play of the various events and activities on the site.

Fantasy and Predication League
There is just 1 week left to get your Fantasy League and/or Predication League submissions in. Make sure you don't miss out on the fun and prizes next year.

Episode Cup
The Episode is well underway and Round 2 will be starting shortly.

Character Cup
When the Episode Cup has completed we will start the Character Cup. If you want to take part in the Bracket/Prediction competition for the Character Cup make sure you fill out your entry form here.

New Quiz
Today we launched a new "Hardest Quiz", test your knowledge of Lost against others.

Comic-Con is with us next week and we will be providing Live Lost coverage here. Make sure you don't miss out on any scoops. We will also be covering the rest of Comic-Con as part of SpoilerTV for other shows and movies etc. You can find the rest of our Comic-Con coverage here. Note: These sections will almost definitely contain spoilers for the upcoming seasons of many of the covered shows.

New Chat Room
We have been Beta-Testing the new Chat Room for a couple of days and things have been progressing well. We hope to launch the new Chat Room tomorrow if all goes well, so stay tuned.

Reader Feedback
Just a reminder to any of you who may have missed the results of our recent Reader Feedback.

For users who like to follow us via Twitter, we now have both a DarkUFO Twitter page and a SpoilerTV Twitter page.

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