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Update: 5th May Over the last week or so the Mobile site has not been updating due to a bug with Google. This has now been fixed and all sections should now be updated.

Update: 22nd Dec 2008 It seems that a lot of people are getting iPhones and the like for Xmas and have been asking about how best to access the site on their Iphones/Smart phones etc. As I result I thought I'd "bump" this post up which will help those access the site better with their phones. (Note: I've just myself an iphone and the site looks pretty good in the default iPhone Safari browser anyway but these links below enable the site to load much quicker)

A while ago we tested out some mobile features of the site and the recent reader feedback that we asked for highlighted the fact that an increasing number of you access the site via your PDA, Phone,iPhone etc. As a result we've relaunched the Mobile version of a number of the key sections of the site.

http://darkufo.mofuse.mobi/ (Homepage)
http://lostspoilers.mofuse.mobi/ (Spoilers Page)
http://lostmedia.mofuse.mobi/ (Media Mentions)
http://spoilertv.mofuse.mobi/ (SpoilerTV Homepage)
http://twitter.mofuse.mobi/ (Twitter Feeds - DarkUFO)

Just pop the above into your phones browser.

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