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I've been getting a lot of emails from people asking when is xyz happening, when does abc finish etc etc So I thought it might be a good idea to make a post with the latest state of play of all the various Hiatus Activities taking place.

Season 4 Awards
The Season 5 awards are still available for voting HERE and HERE. The polls will be closed on Monday and all the winners will be announced then.

Season 5 Prediction League
The Prediction League is still open for submissions and will be until we start getting any major spoilers through. We've already smashed last years entry field of 900 players and we have over 2500 players already this year signed up! If you have not yet submitted your predictions you can do so HERE. Once closed we will post all the stats etc from the submissions for each category.

Episode Cup
As we've previously mentioned we've added a new fun aspect to this years Episode Cup in that you can try to predict the results of each round along with a Season 4 DVD as the prize for the winner. We've already had 950+ Entries and you have until 1st of July to get your entry submitted. You can fill out the entry form HERE. Make sure you fill out your bracket fully.

Once the above entries are closed on 1st July we will then start the Episode Cup Polls.

Fantasy League
Like the Prediction League, the Fantasy League, which opened it's door yesterday, will stay open for submissions until we start getting any major spoilers through. We've already have over 800 entries in less than 24hrs and look set to break last year's field of 2300 players. You can find out about it HERE and signup up if you have not already done so. Make sure you tell your Lost friends about it. Once the submissions are closed we will post all the various stats and info about the submissions eg the most popular picks, teams etc.

Character Cup
Yes there will be another Character Cup this year and like the Episode Cup we will have another bracket competition so that you can try to determine all the winners of all the matches up to and including the final. The Submissions for the competition will start when we have started the Episode Cup voting and will last for as long as the Episode Cup takes. We will then shut down submissions and the Character Cup will start.

Personal Hiatus
I will be off from next Tuesday through to the following Monday as I will be in Dubai for my little sisters wedding. I'll be leaving the site in the more than capable hands of The ODI whilst I'm away. All the various submissions forms will go through to him and if you have any questions please email him direct HERE. The only sections that we won't be updating are the Theories and Fan Fiction although feel free to send them through and I'll post them all on my return.

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