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How have you all been?? Well it has been about a month since the Season 4 finale aired and most of you are just itching for your LOST fixes. Well our good friend Anna was battling some health related problems right after the finale aired, but was finally able to crank out her special finale recap and once again it is a great read.

The blog might be a little long, but is worth the wait and read. Once again she uses a great mix of screencaps and elements from the finale and previous episodes. Also, if you are a Pink Floyd fan you get an extra bonus.

Hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave some feedback for her:

INTRO: Coming Back to Life

I know, I know, this an exceptionally late recap. I sincerely apologize for the delay and really appreciate everyone’s patience. After the finale aired, I was so excited I immediately started my writing and prepared to churn out one heck of an Essay for you all. Well, as if I too had now somehow lost favor with the Island, I suffered a sudden flare-up of sciatica, a VERY painful condition in the lower back. I am starting to think the Island has something against the lumbar spine. To make matters worse, 48 hours after my initial doctor’s visit, I fell victim to some type of sickness that ravaged every system of my body for more than 2 weeks. This dual-combo of body torture, Island-style, made things just a tad difficult for someone with Work to Do. Where is Taller Ghost Walt when you need him?

This is an exceptionally long recap as well. Seriously. I have tried to keep it as brief as possible but it is difficult not to have something to say about every part of the episode. I promise my next installment will be shorter, as I plan to do a focused, in-depth exploration of some of the Island’s mysteries up until season four.

Right now I am still not 100% back to my old self yet, but as the saying goes...

The Show Must Go On

It would seem that the Wheel has made another revolution, as we begin where we ended in the season 3 finale. What great mirroring once again; Kate drives off at the end of “Through the Looking Glass”, and then screeches to a halt and throws her car into reverse at the start of our season 4 finale. Evangeline Lilly’s acting was really spot on in this scene. When Kate tells Jack off in so many words, a lot of people thought it was one of Kate’s best “you go girl” moments.

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