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Hey Losties,
How are you all doing this week!? Last week's episode of LOST Season 4 Episode 11 (Cabin Fever) was a Locke centric episode and provided us with several WTF moments to ponder this week.

Doing a podcast after a great episode is always a little easier, but sometimes there is just TOO much information to recap about, so this week's recap is more of a discussion about the key points.

However, before we started the recap of the episode we had several announcements to make.

Here is a little breakdown of the podcast:

Clip 1: Announcements and Epi 4x11 Recap
1) LOST Seasons 5 and 6 get an extra hour.
2) First official details for DarkUFO LOST Fantasy League: Season 5 - Thanks to G-Man
3) DarkUFO/SpoilerTV Forum going live!!
4) Discuss key points of Cabin Fever - For those that want to skip the announcements the recap starts at the 26 minute mark.

Clip 2: Epi 4x12 Preview (with a recap of spoilers)

We discuss the promos, promo pics, press releases and much more. This clip does include spoilers so if you want to be spoiler-free stick to Clip 1.

Also I wanted to personally thank all of you DarkUFO readers that have been patient through these first podcasts. We are doing our best to try and find a formula that works well. We do not script our podcast and just like to go with the flow a bit. If you have any suggestions or questions please send us an email (mrtheodi@gmail.com) or just leave a comment here.

Plus, don't forget the podcast is available on iTunes and you can subscribe to the podcast directly there. You can use the link to access our iTunes store or just search "The ODI" in the podcasts section of iTunes and we will pop right up.

Hope you enjoy it and namaste.

Here is the link to the audio:


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