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Hey All,
We have decided to try out another weekly recap here. The recap is by Anna and some of you know her from MySpace or my site, but most of you know her from the DarkUFO forum on this site.

Anna's recaps have done really well on the forum page and the readers there have rated them really high. She uses a good mix of theories, screencaps, points from previous episodes, and tries to keep it fun.

So we are going to try her out here for the next few weeks and if you guys like the recaps we will make her recaps a regular here in Season 5.

Also, if you have any feedback for her please let her know, she is a DarkUFO reader like us and will respond to your posts.


We Don’t Need Another Hero


It’s been a long time since we had an episode which centered on John Locke, who in my opinion is LOST’s most intriguing and deeply-developed character alongside Jack Shephard. We were given so many levels to think about in this episode it was difficult to not want to discuss every detail. I have done my best to keep this from becoming a book but I have to say, from his most pathetic moments to his most heroic moments, I do love my Locke.

John has been a major figure in the show’s mythology since that first moment in season one when we learned he had been in a wheelchair prior to the crash. It makes sense then, that “Cabin Fever” follows an episode centering on Jack who not only serves as the Science to Locke’s Faith, but who is also notorious for his own little Hero Complex.

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