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Thanks to Matt the Online Editor for Popular Mechanics who has just sent me this email with some links to some excellent articles. Hope you enjoy them.

MythBuster: Lost Finale's Bombs Were Crap, but I Get Big Picture
In an instant expert analysis for PM's Digital Hollywood, Lost geek Adam Savage traces the chemistry of those 500 pounds of C4, and explains why the space-time continuum from last night's Season Four finale changed his theories on the future of our favorite sci-fi show.

Physicist: Einstein Would Approve of Moving the Island on Lost
How did Ben make the island "disappear" in last night's season finale? It's all relativity, argues a top professor who even uses Lost in his classes. Wormholes, 305-degree bearings, the Casimir effect—it all checks out with quantum mechanics, and could explain a lot for next season.

Time-Travel Expert: Lost Finale Opens New Trap Door in Space
After last night's mind-bending episode, it's a question only this heady physicist could answer: How do you move an island, then show up halfway across the world? Let's just say the Looking Glass has nothin' on Ben.

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