DarkUFO - Lost

Update: 1st June Thanks everyone for the list of Nominations and email entries. I'll be busy collating all these and I'll publish the final list later today (hopefully!) along with the first set of polls to narrow down the nominations to the final 7.

Update: 31st May We've extended the nomination phase by another 24 hrs to ensure everyone has a chance to put their nominations up. We will hopefully have the first set of polls available tomorrow for the elimination phase.

Now that we have seen the final episode of Season 4 (and what an episode it was!), we're now looking for any final nominations for the The DarkUFO Season 4 Awards. Please take a look at the existing nominations and please let me know of any NEW ONES ONLY. There are sure to be many new additions to the Best Scene, Line sections.

We'll be announcing in a couple of days the first round of Voting to narrow down the Nominations to the final 7 in each category. We will be using the Forums for this so be sure to create an account so that you can vote on the elimination phase.

NOTE: Nominations will close Sunday at 10:00am GMT.

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