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My good friend DocArzt has just released his first Lost related book and it's available for pre-ordering at Amazon. Looking forward to getting my copy of this as I think I'll be able to relate to a lot of what Docarzt has to say about the fandom and being a Lost blogger myself. If you enjoy Docarzt's writing style and commentary on Lost then this is a must have book imho.

Product Description
By catering directly to an increasingly rabid fan base, Lost bloggers have effectively removed all barriers between the artist and the viewer by hosting one of the largest officially-sponsored independent discussion forums in history. Becoming celebrities in their own right—even controlling the ebb and flow of fan sentiment—the most revered bloggers even affect plot and storyline decisions. Told by two members of the fan community who witnessed the spread and impact of such fervent fandom from the inside, this guide addresses the greatest questions fans have been asking for four seasons: Why does Lost speak so well to our collective unconscious, and why do we consciously endure such mammoth leaps of suspension of disbelief? By examining this unparalleled blogger phenomonen on near-academic levels, the authors successfully break down Lost’s archetypal themes and trace its evolution from the commercial cash-in it was intended to be to the high-concept mixture of philosophy, drama, redemption, science, and faith it became.

About the Author
Jon “DocArtz” Lachonis learned to read from the pages of Famous Monsters of Filmland and Starlog, and has been a prisoner of pop culture ever since. His writing has been featured on TheTailsection.com, BuddyTV.com, UGO.com, The California Chronicle, and The Seattle Post Intelligencer. His examinations have been quoted in TVGuide, Entertainment Weekly, E!Online, USA Today's pop watch, TVSquad, Television Without Pity, AOLTV, and many more.

Amy J. Johnston is a writer and part-time webmistress who runs a number of fandom-oriented websites, including The Evil Puppet Masters blog, and an official fansite for Lost executive producer Bryan Burk. Originally from Georgia, Amy currently resides in Indiana with her husband and two children.

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