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Update: 25th May Thanks to everyone for all the submissions, we now have more than enough tough questions from which to pick the 30 toughest ones from. The Quiz will be created and made online for everyone to take part in in the next couple of days. Thanks again!

Update: 13:30 We've already had a number of submissions in and boy oh boy are some of them hard. I think I've managed about 2 out of 15 so far lol. This is going to be a tough quiz.. keep them coming.

I've seen a number of Lost Quizzes that claim to be the hardest and imho they have all failed. So I thought what better way to design the hardest quiz than to ask all the very knowledge DarkUFO readers.

Here's what we're planning.

1) Fill out the form below and enter in the question that you would like to see in the poll
2) We will collate all the submissions and between a group of the senior staff in the Forums we will select the 30 best/hardest questions.
3) We will then design a flash based quiz and everyone can have a go at answering the questions.

1) Only 1 submission per person
2) You can include a photo with the question
3) Don't waste your submission on questions like - How may times did Ben blink in episode 4.10 or What page number was Sawyer reading in Episode 3.whatever. They should be hard but not impossible.

Here is an example submission.

Question: What was the name of of Charlie's Mum
Answer 1: Megan
Answer 2: Lily
Answer 3: Karen
Answer 4: Emily

Correct Answer: 1
Answer Details: Megan Pace is the wife of Simon Pace, and the mother of Charlie and Liam Pace.
Photo: If you would like to have a photo with the submission you can upload it. For example you could post a character photo and say who is this etc

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