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LOST: Season 3 - Original Television Soundtrack
Music Composed by Michael Giacchino

2 CD Set
Matthew Fox
Evangeline Lilly

Meet … The Others! Season Three of the blockbuster series LOST got of to a mysterious start and worked up a tremendous amount of excitement before unveiling one of the most jaw-dropping moments in recent television history to close its thrilling season finale.

LOST fans have been going crazy waiting for this Season 3 soundtrack. And here it is! Finally! And this one is special. Composer Michael Giacchino composed some of his most complex and captivating music for LOST’s third season. The season contained so many highlights that we couldn’t squeeze them all onto a single CD! So here’s our own LOST surprise … Disc One of this Season 3 soundtrack contains the best music from the season up to the two-hour finale. Disc Two features the complete original score from the two-part finale episode Through The Looking Glass.

No fan of LOST will be able to do without this one! Michael Giacchino’s music for LOST has consistently ranked among the medium’s very best and for the third season he was really able to let loose. His music is moving, compelling, more than a little tense, mysterious and heartbreakingly beautiful.

LOST Season 3 is the soundtrack everyone has been waiting for and now we offer more than could have even be hoped for. 2 CDs for little more than a single!

The Season Three DVD is already a best-seller. Now, just in time for the thrilling final arc of Season 4 episodes comes this third volume to our hugely successful series of LOST soundtracks!

Catalog #: 302 066 892 2
Release Date: 04/29/08

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