DarkUFO - Lost

What a week this was for the Fantasy League! New leaders for the Celebs and overall! Points were flying all over the place, and if you had the right players on your Fantasy Team, you hit the jackpot!

"The Other Woman" may not have been the most exciting episode ever, but it has injected life back into the League and sets us up for some very close competition from here on out. Many people, especially the top of the leader board are all very close in points, and I'm proud to announce that one of our celebrity contestants has cracked the Top 20!

I didn't make a traditional video this week, so this short little recapper will have to suffice. Yes, that's right- I said short! No 13-minute stutter fests this week! I will be back in all my glorious low-grade video action for the Week 7 Update though, so don't get too excited. :-P

Check all the sections below, because all of the explaining is done through the Important Points Rulings due to the lack of a proper video. Thanks for waiting patiently an extra couple of days for this update. Hopefully you were rewarded with a high Week 6 score! I know I wasn't.

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