DarkUFO - Lost

No intro, no ‘previously on LOST’ – Eggtown brought us straight back to the old school eye-opening zoom we so fondly remember from seasons past. And like the can of spam in Ben’s fridge, that kind of shit never gets old. Things I noticed:

The Producers Read my Reviews and Act Accordingly

Last week I commented on what a totally crappy host Locke was. Yet just one week later, he’s making Ben breakfast, cooking all day, and holding dinner parties at 6. Think that’s coincidence? Hell no. That’s the kind of ridiculous influence I hold over LOST’s production crew… the kind that makes them go back to re-shoot and re-edit opening scenes in a single week’s time to accommodate my views and theories. That slaughtered chicken? All me. (It’s almost sad to do this, but I have to actually say “I’m kidding” here, because someone will inevitably post a comment thinking that I’m serious…)

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