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After a couple of weeks with no points being awarded, we finally have some new points to hand out. In Episode 4.04 - Eggtown we were given the answers to who Kate would kiss first (20 Pts) as well as the episode number that her first kiss would happen (30 pts).

Congratulations to maskdmirag for still being in first place on 270 Points, followed by barbara_himmelreich, camille_schyns, and mohr all on 240 points.

There is just 1 person out of the 996 competitors who has to get a point.

The running total count questions are as follows and with Eggtown having no deaths, no Rose/Bernard and no Vincent, people who have picked high total predictions for these better start hoping that we get some more soon.

How many deaths will happen in Season 4? 3 so far (Elsa, Golf Man, Naomi)
How many episodes next year will contain flash forwards? 3 so far
How many episodes will be Jack Centric? 0 so far
How many episodes will be Ben Centric? 0 so far
How many episodes will both Rose and Bernard be in? 1 So far
How many episodes will we see Vincent? 2 So far

Check your standing by downloading the full spreadsheet HERE

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