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Well it seems that most of us have just about survived the seemingly never-ending Hiatus, and I hope in some small way we've helped you here at DarkUFO to pass the time.

With Season 4 almost upon us, less than 15 hrs by my counting, I thought it would be a good time to list what you can expect from us here at DarkUFO during season 4 and where you can find the information. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can refer to it at any point during Season 4 and let your friends now about us :)

We hope you enjoy Season 4, and we also hope that you will enjoy it here with us at DarkUFO.

The homepage will feature all the latest non-spoiler news and videos along with the following.
- Recaps: We will be featuring our regular recappers, Vozzek69, Fishbiscuit, J.Wood and DocJensen, but we will also have a couple of new recappers who I personally enjoy. These will be Erika and DarkUFO regular Lukhs, along with the odd guest recap.
- G-Man and myself will be guiding you through both the Fantasy League as well as the Prediction league. Make sure you check in each week to see how your team/picks are performing
- We will be running the episode polls again this year so that we can determine at the end of Season 4 which were your favourite episodes. The polls will go live as soon as the episode has aired.

Spoilers and Rumours
We will continue to try our best to bring you the latest spoilers, rumours and info. This will include.
- Trailers for next weeks episodes
- Screencaps from the trailers
- Sneak Peeks and Promotional Photos
- Hopefully full episode synopsis's before the episode airs

Screencaps and Easter Eggs
We hope to bring you some of the fastest screencaps and easter eggs directly after the show has aired. You will be able to request screencap via the screencaps section for any ones that we have not posted and that we deem reasonable.

We hope to expand and continue to post interesting and relevant discussion topics in the forum section and we have a couple of new people on board to help with this section. If you have not already checked it out as it has some great articles.

Mysteries and Answers
This is the section that started this whole blog off and therefore is dear to my heart. We will continue to collate and publish all the latest unsolved mysteries from the show and when answered post them in the answers section.

Books, Audio, Connections and Whispers
We will continue to catalog all Audio and Book references that are mentioned on the show, along with any new whisper audio transcripts and people connections.

With the new season upon us, there will no doubt be more theories and revisions of existing ones. We will attempt to post all of your submissions as well as allowing you to rate them and view the best ones so far.

Fan Fiction
Season 4 will also be bringing us new characters and situations and relationships. The Fan Fiction section is for you budding writers, artists and video producers to showcase your work and be rated.

Our resident super-sleuth SpOOky will be scouring each episode of errors, mistakes and general continuity problems. No detail is too small for SpOOky. Let's see if they have tightened things up for season 4 :)

Via Domus
Our crack team of gamers will be providing you all with the latest news, videos, cheats, walkthroughs from the new Lost game, Via Domus.

Media Mentions
Here will will publish articles, stories, photos and videos of the cast and writers that are not related directly to Lost. This could include new movie news, TV appearances, Photoshoots, Interviews etc.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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