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Lost and the writers strike

As you all probably know by now the Writers' Guild of America announced that they would go ahead with their strike. I've been getting bag loads of emails from worried fans and I've been doing my best to tell them that Lost has nothing to worry about and indeed it might actually be a good thing for the show. This was explained very well by Kristin from E!Online in a recent article and I've included the important snippet below.

From all appearances, Lost may have the best advantage of all series, given that it has been stockpiling new scripts since June and not a single episode has yet aired. At this point, 14 of 16 episodes have been written. And if the strike does last long enough to really affect other series, Lost could very well be the only quality scripted dramas on television in February (along with perhaps 24, though it's far more behind in its scripts due to a major overhaul of location and storyline).

Source: E!Online

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