DarkUFO - Lost

Here we are once again, taking a look at an episode of Lost, scoring it, and marveling at my video production mediocrity :-P

After the success of last week's post, DarkUFO and I hope to continue to improve and refine our scoring system, as well as shorten the video updates to a concise and friendly run-time.

This week we watched episode 2x07, "The Other 48 Days." Featuring only 7 of our League characters, this episode presented us with a plethora of scoring questions to resolve before bringing you this update. Below is a special section that we hope will answer most of the scoring questions you might have had while watching. If, after reading through our explanations, you still have a question, write it in the comments section or email us at LFLquestions@gmail.com

Remember, this is a spoiler-free zone, so email any spoiler related questions directly to DarkUFO.

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