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Update: 10:40 GMT It appears that the description for the 2nd mobisode might actually be from a Lost Trailer/Promo that was aired last night and NOT from the mobisode. If anyone has this recorded or on YouTube please let me know.

Here is the official first Lost Mobisode which we brought to you last week. We're hoping to have the second Mobisode available tomorrow.

And thanks to Sawyer840 for finding out details of the 2nd Mobisode for us.

I just watched the promo (I have EMHE DVRd... I'm that lame) and it wasn't a promo for the show, but for the mobisodes. It seemed to feature the Hurley mobisode the most, which is apparently some kind of adventure where Hurley is running through the jungle yelling for help, then in a room with water pouring in (looking eerily like where Charlie died), and in the jungle again with a bloody-faced Ben telling him "I have information you need." There were very quick clips of Desmond, Jin, Claire, and Juliet, but that was it. None of the other characters.

Source: Fishbiscuitland

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