DarkUFO - Lost

As we promised we would have one more Cup/Poll before the new season of Lost is underway in February. The general feedback for the last cup would be one for all the great locations that we've been given over the first 3 seasons of Lost and with all your help and feedback we've come up with a total of 136 Locations.

Dharmageddon has spent a lot of time and effort pulling all your Location nominations together along with the images etc and we're now ready to start.

The format for this cup will be a standard 1 v 1 match up from Round 2 onwards. Round 1 is slightly different in that the Off-Island locations will be kept separate from the On-Island Locations. Each poll for round 1 will have 4 locations for you to choose from and the winner will go onto Round 2, where the off-island and on-locations will be merged.

As always this is just for some fun and to allow us to look back at the first 3 seasons, we love reading your comments about why you selected a certain location. Maybe you picked a location due to it's importance to the story, or maybe it just looked cool :)

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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