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The Hiatus Fantasy League

I've had loads of emails asking what we're planning on doing to fill the last 3 and a half months of this seeming endless Hiatus. A lot of you have asked for some more polls/cups and too be honest I'm a little cupped out at the moment (although there will be 1 more before S4 starts).

However, I've been talking with G-Man about an idea I had that should be a lot of fun as well as giving both G-Man and myself some practise for the Season 4 Fantasy League next year. So we've decided to run a mini fantasy league during the remainder of the Hiatus.

Here are the details:

1) Every 2 weeks we will pick 1 random episode from the 1st 3 seasons.
2) G-Man will collate the points based on the points system for the Season 4 Fantasy League
3) We will then use your EXISTING picks to work out your points each week and publish the results.
4) We will then let you know what the next episode to be picked is so that you can then try to work out your points and see how well you do.
5) We know that you made your picks based on what you thought would happen in Season 4 but this is the best way for us to test everything and it's just for fun so don't come bugging us ;)
6) We will run this for a total of 8 Episodes which should take us to just before the Season 4 premiere.

This will enable both of us to make sure there are no problems with our database and spreadsheets and that the reporting and publishing of the tables goes smoothly. We will be looking for any suggestions for improvements in the reporting format so that by the time we get to Season 4 proper we hope to have an extensive stats package each week so that you can track your progress easily.

I have selected the first episode that G-Man will watch and collate points for and that will be Exodus - Part 2. This and the other 7 will all be picked randomly by my virtual hat so don't blame me if your character kills someone ;)

We hope to have the first set of results up next week.

How well do you think your team of characters has done in Exodus - Part 2? Post what you think your points total will be and it will be interesting to see how this compares to the Judge and Jury that is G-Man!

So how do you fancy your chances?

For those who cannot remember the points system see below.

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