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Iconic Lost Tree burnt down

We bring you sad news today. We just received a photograph from our friends at Kos Hummer Lost Tours that the iconic tree in Mokule'ia has been burned down.

This is the tree that Jack saw his father standing under it in Ep 1x04 Walkabout, and it has been seen repeatedly in future episodes. Mikhail was seen standing near it when he was shooting at Charlie in the boat near the end of this past Season 3.

We haven't looked at the burn site ourselves, so we don't know if this was mischief or an unfortunately placed campfire, as the coastal area is often used recreationally by late night fishermen, ATVers, and local families on holiday.

UPDATE: Ed from Kos Tours indicated that the fire looked deliberate. What a bummer either way.

How it looks now.

Source: Lost Virtual Tour

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