DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to John Locke! He handily won his matchup against Kate, and, in doing so, has ensured that the remainder of the Character Cup will be an all-men affair. That's right- as hard as it may be to believe, no women have advanced to Round 4. While Locke didn't set any margin records, I do believe that last night's matchup brought in the highest number of votes so far in the Cup. Perhaps the vote count will continue to grow through the next round?

But before we can get to Round 4, there are still two matchups that must be determined. Tonight's matchup is one that is very exciting, but difficult to predict. While it may seem an easy decision, given the leanings of the more vocal visitors to this site, both characters tonight have their fair share of committed supporters and rabid detractors.

It's a tale of two leaders, as Jack Shephard takes on Benjamin Linus for a spot in Round 4.

Who will you pick?

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