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Holy recording-breaking matchups Batman! Yesterday's Jack vs. Ben showdown not only broke the record for the number of total votes, but utterly shattered the record for most comments ever made in the Character Cup! If we keep going at this rate, the tallies for the Finals will be astronomical!

So let's start tonight by congratulating Jack! Yes, The Mayor put a stop to the Unstoppable Force. Jack's victory caught several of us off guard. With Jack having a legion of detractors (the 18% who voted for Aaron over the good doctor), a Ben victory seemed like a harmless assumption. However, Jack showed us all that he can compete with the big boys, knocking out a fanboy favorite by 105 votes.

Some say that Ben's elimination at the hands of Jack all but seals a victory for Locke, while others believe Jack's display of popularity has just blown the competition wide open. Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, the end of the third round is near. Tonight is the final matchup before the names go back into the Non-Virtual Hat of fate. In all the hoopla over Jack and Ben, very little was made in advance about this matchup that will see yet another crowd favorite exit stage left.

It's the Immovable Object vs. the Dark Horse as Hurley and Sayid duke it out for your votes. Put your thinking caps on and make your decision on two of the most popular supporting characters on Lost.

Vote, comment, and be merry.

And submit your nominees for the Round 3 'Best in Show' award!

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