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First of all, I want to list the names of all the folk we lost in the second round, since I forgot to do it yesterday. Round 2 losers were:

Aaron Littleton, Anthony Cooper, Boone Carlyle, Christian Shephard, Cindy Chandler, Claire Littleton, Jin-Soo Kwon, Liam Pace, Libby, Mikhail Bakunin, Ms. Hawking, Penny Widmore, Richard Alpert, Sun-Hwa Kwon, Tom/"Mr. Friendly", and Vincent.

Secondly, congratulations to Locke for winning the 'Best in Show' award for Round 2. Evidently his Boone-bloodied shirt really won you all over. In second place was Jack and his piece of Arzt. Sun came in third, followed by Mikhail, Hurley, Vincent and Michael.

Now then, down to business. Eko won his rematch against the Smoke Monster, but it was a close one; far closer than I would have imagined. In the end, Eko won by 500 votes and has earned a spot in Round 4 (The Elite Eight).

Tonight brings us a Main vs. Main matchup between two Losties that many have mixed opinions about. The freaky backwards-talking Walt takes on the reformed (and now dead) heroin addict and rock god, Charlie Pace.

Vote for your favorite and share your thoughts and opinions. We love to know what you think.

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